Our mission is to create choices and enrich lives by enabling the best learning experiences possibleprovided through the best possible teaching
  • Our first job is to support and extend learning for pupils to provide them with the skills and knowledge to make those choices.
  • Our second job is to make sure no child is ignoredno family is unsupported and no life is wasted, by providing intervention at the earliest opportunity.
  • Our responsibility to education is to provide an environment where practitioners can collaborate, learn from each other, take risks and reflect.


How will we work? What is our strategy?
We will use the following strategies;
  • Focus on creating capacity (time and resources) for schools
  • Ensure support is agile, providing intervention at the earliest opportunity
  • Support schools to employ and invest in the best educators for children
  • Seek continuous improvement and disruptive innovation
What behaviours will underpin our journey? What is our culture?

Our community will be;

Connected (developing positive, well maintained and productive relationships )

Helpful (embracing servant leadership and initiative to solve problems)

Organised (employing efficient strategies and trusting colleagues to deliver)

Informed (sharing information openly, broadly and deliberately)

Candid (disagreeing openly and compassionately)

Effective (retaining only our best elements and looking for continuous improvement)

Simple (avoiding complexity and increasing clarity)